My Little Trailer

Camping is one of my favorite pastimes, whether with family, a group of friends or simply by myself.  Some of my best memories were created on camping getaways.

In the early 70's, my family packed our VW Van and camped all over the Southern California coast, from San Elijo to Santa Barbara.  We slept in a four man tent with flashlights as our only light.  Games were played, food was prepared and marsh mellows were roasted.  Mom always planned some cool activity like making sand candles or flattening pennies on the train tracks (yes we really did that!).  When we weren't camping, we were vacationing on our sailboat off Catalina.  I loved the cozy cabin and little luxuries of home while vacationing on the ocean.  Where ever we went, the great outdoors was our playground and living room.   

I carried on the camping legacy in my adult years although the way we travel has changed.  The nostalgia of our VW Van and the tiny cabin of our sailboat motivated me to purchased My Little Trailer.  It's like camping in a little house.  Now when I travel I have the comforts of home without the hassle of setting up a tent.  I create unique Glamping experiences by adding personal touches and modern conveniences.  

I love to entertain and want to share My Little Trailer experiences.  I hope that My Little Trailer will inspire a getaway of your own.